Australian Businesses Need to Stay Competitive

Most people who know me personally know that I am a very passionate Australian.  They know that I am extremely proud of our country and of our many achievements. The fact is that Australians are revered worldwide and we have been very lucky.

On the “flip side”, history is showing that Australia has started to lag behind many other countries in vital areas including Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

What can we do as a nation to stay competitive, particularly as small to medium sized business owners? My view is that we must do “more with less”.

One way we can achieve this is to have a very low cost base to our businesses. We cannot continue to pay our staff to data enter the same information multiple times.  Our businesses need to be focused around data flow not data entry.

Many of us still have the cost of running expensive and maintenance high servers, when we can host our information in the cloud. Why is that?

Why continue to build “silo” based business systems when we have an ability to ensure integration across your operations saving time and money? Why run your business using spreadsheets when you can cost effectively invest in tremendous business systems that improveefficiency, productivity and in turn profitability?

We cannot be complacent in Australia any more.  Yes, we have enormous natural resources and primary industries but so do other countries. We have significantly damaged our Secondary Industries like manufacturing due to lack of competitiveness and now our Tertiary industries are being severely challenged as the world catches up.

Australians must all strive to be world class in our views and business practices. We need to embrace technology, we need to be champions of change. We need to be leading the charge not waiting for other countries to show us the way.

We must challenge what we do and how we do it. Just because it was good up until now doesn’t mean it will be competitive in the future.

Come on Aussies, come on!