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March 16, 2022

BambooHR The reason you should choose Envision Digital

Envision Digital has been a BambooHR Reseller for over 5 years. We are the only BambooHR Reseller based in Australia.


  • Support and Training on the ground in Australia – Free for 30 days (With implementation)
  • EnvisionBX Integration to link BambooHR and Xero Proudly our own global software
  • Access to the Australian Template for BambooHR – Created with Australian/NZ and UK specific Fields
  • Experts in BambooHR – Know the product back to front. Multiple implementations and we use it ourselves!
  • Faster turn around times – Timezones will be more closely aligned

If you do want to work with Envision Digital to set up BambooHR for your company, please remember this. If you engage with BambooHR direct then you’re automatically considered their client and you won’t be able to work with us, unfortunately.

Envision Digital are cloud software implementation, integration, automation and digital enablement specialists

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