March 10, 2021

Bring the vision to life

Business coaching, a focus on process and systems improvement, add a dash of accounting, marketing and HR and you’ve got a recipe for success! Chris Valentine is a broad-brush when it comes to business improvements. Chris can walk into any business and work with the team of people to identify, plan and resolve business challenges from the strategic level to technical service delivery.
Chris Valentine - Blue 


Chris Valentine – Operations Manager

Chris is a very capable internal and external project manager with experience in delivering and consulting with all levels of an organisation. He is as comfortable at a Board Meeting as he is rolling the sleeves up to deliver services.

These are areas you can hire Chris for:

  • System and process implementation / change
  • Overall Project Management
  • Strategic Planning / Business Planning
  • Compliance audit and corrective actions
  • Analytical decision making
  • Business operating systems

    Chris has a great spread of skills and deep experience in process and systems improvement. With this in mind, he offers a valuable position suitable for any business navigating through change.

    If you want to hire Chris to help out with your business, fill out the form below.

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