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WorkflowMax by Bluerock
Migration and Re-Implementation



1. BPP needed to find a suitable WorkflowMax Partner capable of migrating their data and setting up WFMB correctly for their business.

2. BPP needed to make an immediate start on the project but they were unsure whether to upgrade in the old WorkflowMax or the new.

3. BPP knew that their existing WFM by Xero system was not set up correctly but they also knew that a future upgrade could lead to resistance to that change.

4. BPP did not completely understand the integration benefits between WorkflowMax and Xero. As such they were wasting a lot of time with unnecessary manual work.

5. They needed to train their staff in managing WorkflowMax in the correct way and within a short timeframe.


BPP met with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) to discuss Migration and the Managing Director (MD) to discuss
Re-Implementation of WorkflowMax.

The COO provided an initial migration meeting that culminated in an agreed costed propostal.

BPP then met separately with the MD of Envision Digital® to discuss the process of Re-Implementing WorkflowMax in a “best practice” method.

BPP e-signed both proposals and they were presented with two clearly designed project plans.

Envision Digital® used highly competent and experienced staff to manage the transition to the new WorkflowMax by Bluerock.


1. BPP management were provided a total solution to their business systems challenges.

2. Envision Digital® deployed a Senior Team to ensure that the transition from WFM by Xero to WFM by BlueRock has been managed by competent people with minimal disruptions to their business.

3. BPP management and staff have now been trained in the use of the updated WorkflowMax system which has significantly countered potential issues with change management.

4. Envision Digital® have successfully migrated and tested data in the new WorkflowMax by BlueRock.

5. BPP have achieved significant change and have improved productivity and efficiency, leading to greater profitability.

6. BPP have been advised how to create an envisionFlow-Cloud Integrated Management System. As a result of
engaging Envision Digital®.


Envision Digital were chosen by us to manage the transition from WorkflowMax by Xero to WorkflowMax by BlueRock. Rod, Greg and their team are highly experienced. They have
re-implemented WorkflowMax to “best practice” levels. We will continue to engage Envision Digital in the future as we continue to develop our business and our systems.

Kathy Nastov – Director – Bushfire Prone Planning (BPP)

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