Partnership with Cloudstaff

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1. Envision Digital® required high level technical and support staff.

2. We were short on time and resources and were incapable of spending the time to recruit for positions.

3. We found that the overall cost of staff in Australia was prohibitive and the quality of candidates questionable in many cases.

4. We needed a company that could recruit professionally but also equip their candidates to be job ready.

5. Envision Digital® needed to partner with a company long term to help with scaling our business growth.


Envision Digital® luckily responded to a direct marketing call from a Cloudstaff representative in September 2021.

Cloudstaff team members responded quickly and professionally to our interest in their services.

The Cloudstaff team responded by taking down a thorough scope of work for a Support Specialist for our business.

Cloudstaff sent through a shortlist of their top 3 candidates fully processed including Celyn Bautista.

Celyn Bautista was the successful candidate and she was provided all equipment, communications requirements and cultural training for her role.


1. Envision Digital® saved a lot of downtime by utilising the services of Cloudstaff.

2. Envision Digital® were provided exactly what they asked for and recruited a successful candidate at a set fee per month.

3. Celyn Bautista has continued to be a tremendous asset to our business and is loved and respected by our staff and clients alike.

4. Celyn Bautista has recently been promoted to. the position of Manager – Support Services and is being mentored in her role for senior management.

5. Cloudstaff and Envision Digital® have an excellent relationship and Rod Wakefield – Managing Director of Envision Digital®   visited the senior management team from Cloudstaff during Christmas 2023.

6. Cloudstaff provide continuity and disaster recovery capabilities to all of their clients by default. Cloudstaff are Number 1 in APAC!


Cloudstaff’s partnership with Envision Digital has been nothing but spectacular – with a heavy focus on positive Customer Experience and Customer Success driving both businesses forward, We’re honored to have made significant contributions to Envision Digital’s growth and will continue to grow and foster a continued partnership for years to come.

Chase Bennett – Director of Growth – APAC

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