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Three Pound Group
(Formerly Quay Hospitality Group)


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Three Pound Group
(Formerly Quay Hospitality Group)

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Deputy Software - employee scheduling

Envision Digital® will help you to set up and implement Deputy Software. We will train you and your staff on how to best use or get the most out of Deputy Software, and if you ever need any assistance, we provide top-notch support too!

Our team of Experts at Envision Digital® will set up a task management software and integrate Deputy Software so that it is properly tailored for your business to reach your goals.

Deputy Software & task management

Deputy Software is an online employee scheduling, task management software, and time communication software that is very easy to use. Deputy Software allows users the ability to schedule time, attendance, input tasks, and communicate seamlessly while integrating with other products like Xero (accounting software).

What are the Benefits of Using Task Management Software like Deputy Software?

  • Find available staff, create, and publish schedules for them in minutes with Task Management Software
  • Keep track of when and where your team starts and ends their shifts with our mobile apps or kiosk with Task Management Software
  • Complete your payroll in one click with Task Management Software
  • Deputy Software automatically calculates overtime, penalty rates, and allowances
  • Apply for Leave/time off using the Deputy Software App on Your Phone
  • Easily swap shifts using Your Mobile Phones with Task Management Software
  • Never worry about timesheets through face recognition clock-in and geolocation capture with Task Management Software

Deputy Software Provides the Best Solutions for Managers and Staff

Deputy Software - employee scheduling

Schedule In Seconds Using Any Device

Create smart employee scheduling and update your team instantly with Deputy Software.

task management

Simplified Time Capture with Task Management Software

Make it easier for staff to verify hours worked using any device with Deputy Software

employee scheduling

Collaborate With Your Team

Give your staff the best way to track shift requests, leaves and with task management software powered by Deputy Software

Seamlessly connect with employees across all departments using one system

Deputy Software Integration

Deputy Software uses an open API that allows users to connect to the leading payroll and HR systems

Deputy Software
task management
employee scheduling
Deputy Software - task management
Deputy Software - employee scheduling
task management - employee scheduling
Deputy Software - task management
task management - deputy
employee scheduling


In 2007, inspired by the classic tanker desks, Dean Heckler sketched his idea of a modern minimal computer desk. With the skills of fabricators in his hometown of Phoenix, the first OneLessDesk was born. The original intent of creating OneLessDesk was for his personal desk but once people saw the power of the software they wanted him to make more. We’ve listened to our customers and managed to create features the greatly benefit our users today!

Deputy Software - task management - envision

Deputy Software Customers

Deputy Software Industry

  • Complex/Custom Employee Scheduling (ie. Staffing Agencies)
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail



Deputy Software POC

  • Business Owners
  • General Managers / Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Scheduling Managers



Company Profile

  • Small to Medium Business (10-249 employees)
  • Mid-Market (250+)
  • Franchise (e.g. Ace Hardware)



Why Choose Deputy Software?

Trust Local – Locally based leadership in SF and AU, product development, and support with Task Management Software.

Trusted by 250,000+ workplaces globally – From your local coffee shop to Australia’s flag carrier airline, Deputy Software helps workplaces thrive.

Enriching the lives of over 1 million workers – Enhancing your teams and driving greater engagement through flexible workplaces and transparent communication.

Deputy and Envision Digital Allows Users to:

Deputy Software - task management


Deputy Software - employee scheduling


task management


employee scheduling & task management

Deputy Software’s Easy-to-Use software allows users to start in minutes, manage employee scheduling efficiently, and connect your teams with powerful task management software.

Deputy Software helps businesses reach their employees and interact with employee scheduling using any device while allowing employees to shift schedules and keep in touch regardless of their locations. Adapting to changes in the norm will help grow your business and empower your employees to give their best.

Deputy Software - task management

Ready to Start with Task Management Software?

Then why not give the team at Envision a call? Envision takes away your pain and anxiety about introducing new Task Management Software systems to your business.

Deputy Software - task management
envision digital deputy

Our professional team will get you up and running in next to no time, and, if you have any problems in the future, simply contact Envision support:

We do it once and we do it right! We get the best outcomes because we know what we are doing! We fix up what others couldn’t do properly in the first place Because all costs are quoted upfront – No surprises! We only employ Certified Consultants and Implementers.

To get started, simply complete our online form or book a suitable time online with Task Management Software.


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envision digital reviews

Carl Leembruggen

Operations Manager, Three Pound Group

Deputy has enabled our business to intimately monitor our wage spend within our labour force through accurate scheduling vs sales forecast. Our ability to predict our sales projections week on week and assign a marker so that we consistently spend what is required has kept our bottom line healthy. At first, I was stubborn and didn’t want change – however, I now wish I changed much sooner!