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Innovative Cloud IMS Solution

The Cloud Integrated Management System (CIMS)


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envisionFlow is made up of best-in-class software powered by Jira Software.

Innovative Cloud IMS Solution

Business SystemsTriangle

Integrated Management System

An all-in-one cloud-based integrated management systema

Business Systems Triangle

Integrated Management System

envisionFlow combines a range of best-in-class cloud-based software systems in an all-in-one platform powered by Jira Software to provide the ultimate solution to improve businesses’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

This cloud management system powered by Jira Software can be completely customised to your business, with fully integrated management software systems tailored to each area of your business. This integration means that not only do you get multiple world-class software systems powered by Jira Software, but they will also work together seamlessly to ensure that the whole system is greater than the sum of its parts.

Envision Digital® offers the envisionFlow Cloud Integrated Management System solution powered by Jira Software as an integrated platform-as-a-service (IPAAS), meaning ongoing and comprehensive support is provided as part of the package.

5 Key Problems Businesses Face
with Digital Enablement

Lack of agile and flexible systems to manage business critical data

Prohibitive cost and complexity of ERP/Enterprise systems

Finding a trusted Digital Enablement Partner to mitigate your risks

Knowing which software system to use and those capable of integration/automation

Staff adoption of a technology change is key as well as the speed to deliver and collaborate

Introducing Envision Digital®

The cutting-edge SaaS platform revolutionizingsystem integration by unlocking micro-value at every connection point. Our innovative approach streamlines complex manual integration processes, enabling businesses to minimize duplicate data entry and errors. With Envision Digital®, organizations can seamlessly integrate disparate systems to reduce friction, increase compliance and simplify operations, and drive growth.

Our innovative business model is based on charging fees per client number of employees. This means our pricing scales as our clients grow, ensuring fair and flexible costs aligned with their organizational size. With Envision Digital®, businesses can seamlessly integrate systems while enjoying transparent pricing that adapts to their evolving needs.”

envisionFlow Business Model

Cloud Integrated Management System (CIMS) Diagram

envisionFlow business model - cloud integration management system diagram

envisionFlow is a Cloud Integrated Management System (Cloud IMS) made up of best-in-class software powered by Jira Software. EnvisionFlow was recognised for its innovation and value to Australian businesses by the Australian Federal Government with the awarding of a Research and Development Grant to contribute to its development.

In technology terms, envisionFlow is a Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS) model powered by Jira Software.

The envisionFlow solution creates the advantages of an enterprise-grade integrated management system at a cost that medium businesses can afford – and with far greater flexibility. This is as a result of drawing source data from a range of third-party business software powered by Jira Software, rather than a single enterprise software system (also sometimes known as an integrated workplace management system) – hence the term “Cloud Integrated Management System (Cloud IMS)”.

envisionFlow makes it possible to deploy a cost-effective cloud integrated management system as an alternative to highly expensive, enterprise-grade integrated management systems powered by Jira Software.

Envision Digital® are experts in Cloud Software and Automation systems. We provide integrated software solutions powered by Jira Software to assist with management, and we improve business systems. This expertise and experience uniquely positions us to provide the innovative envisionFlow solution powered by Jira Software.

envisionFlow provides real time reporting capabilities specifically for business owners, managers and executives. The data is sourced from the integrated software systems powered by Jira Software and compiled into a single data set to provide managers with the ability to monitor real-time data from multiple systems in a single location. The specific data compiled can be tailored to individual businesses as required.

envisionflow cloud integrated management system australia
Cloud Integrated
Management System
envisionflow white label concept
An Envision Digital®
White Label
envisionflow platform as a service australia
Platform as a Service
envisionflow r&d grant australia
Successful R&D Grants
2019/2020 | 2020/2021
| 2021/2022
envisionflow export management development grant australia
Export Market
Development Grant
(EMDG) 2021/2022

Minimum Viable Products
and White Label Market Segments

envisionFlow – Mining

envisionFlow – Mining Services

envisionFlow – Consulting

envisionFlow – Software

envisionFlow -Trades

envisionFlow – Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing & Advertising Diagram

envisionFlow business model - cloud integration management system diagram
envisionFlow Logo white

envisionFlow – Key Market Segments

Envision Digital® serves a diverse range of key market segments with innovative solutions, including cutting-edge connector apps,
to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive digital transformation.

envision digital envisionflow key market segments

Project 1

Xero Implementation

Xero is one of the most popular accounting software programs in Australia and when implemented correctly it makes accounting and bookkeeping simple, quick and easy. It offers power automation features which will save you hundreds of hours in manual bookkeeping.

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • P & L Reporting

Project 2

FieldInsight Implementation

Keep teams accountable and save hundreds of hours of administrative overhead to run profitable jobs and projects. FieldInsight is the perfect job management software for electricians, plumbers and all types of trades and services.

Operational Alternatives:

Project 3

Lead Gen & CRM by Constant Contact

With Lead Gen & CRM full-funnel, all-in-one revenue growth platform, you’ll get complete sales and marketing automation features, plus our world-class CRM.

Project 4

BambooHR Implementation

BambooHR is an HR software solution used for applicant tracking, leave management, payroll, HR reporting, onboarding, performance reviews and so much more. BambooHR is your all-in-one HR software solution.

  • Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Human resource Management
  • Performance Management
  • OHS
  • Controlled e-documents

    Value Add Services


    PandaDoc proposal and document writing software lets you create stunning, professional documents quickly and easily.

      Consultancy and Training

      Envision Digital® provides Nationally Accredited Training, Virtual General Manager (GM) and Digital Transformation.


        A Connector App between Xero and BambooHR


          Open currencies accounts in AUD, EUR, GBP, & USD within minutes

            About Envision Digital®

            Our core mission at Envision Digital® is to empower our customers to streamline their operations by facilitating the sharing of common data across their business systems, ultimately reducing their operating costs. We achieve this through our suite of SaaS connectors, offered through a convenient monthly subscription fee model.

            At present, our flagship products, envisionBX , envisionLXPJ and envisionAB, are already making waves in the market. And we’re excited toannounce that we’re gearing up to launch another connector within this Australian fiscal year, further expanding our range of solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

            Our business model combines direct sales with strategic collaborations with target systems. Through participation in OEM partner programs and joint marketing campaigns, we leverage partnerships to gain market validation and access to established install bases worldwide.

            By aligning our connectors with common OEM business systems, we enhance our breadth and depth across the OEM install base, facilitating rapid scalability. Our products are characterized by low cost, high scalability, and high margins. We adopt a build-once-sell-many approach, catering to small to medium-sized businesses.

            Clients subscribe to our products and pay on a monthly basis, enabling us to build a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue. This model ensures sustained growth and long-term success.

            Corporate Strategy


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            David Byrnes

            Chief Executive Officer (Former), Torque Recruitment Group

            Rod is a high energy customer focused problem solver, and his knowledge of systems and development of training platforms is second to none. Rod is a person of high integrity and I have no hesitations in recommending him.

            Larry Green

            National Plant Reform Manager, Infrastructure Services

            I have known Rod for many years and have had the pleasure of working with him directly at two different companies and working with him as a Senior Manager of both a national recruitment company and most recently as General Manager of Asset Management Engineers. Rod has extensive experience in training , auditing, human resource and general business management and has demonstrated a broad understanding of business principles and excellent problem solving skills. Rods integrity is outstanding and his attention to customer service second to none, I would be happy to work with Rod again in any forum and believe he is more that capable of assisting any business to grow both in terms of systems and process and marketing.

            Joel Schreiber

            Pilbara Institute Advanced Skilled Lecturer, Business Systems

            Outstanding Professional who is Knowledgeable, Exhibits High Integrity, and Ensures Quality Assurance. Highly Experienced in developing Accounting, Human Resource, and Quality Document Processes in a variety of Businesses. Provided excellent training services in the areas of Human Resources, Business Development, Accounting to ensure all participants understood and were able to apply best practice systems to their organisations. Highly recommended for virtual CFO and HR system development. It was a pleasure to observe him and work with him as a Colleague over the years.