January 16, 2024

envisionLXPJ – Benefits of Integration 1 More time for salespeople to sell!

Envision Digital® is about to release a new, global, multi-Connector App called envisionLXPJ.

envisionLXPJ is a Global Multi-Connector App, between Lead Gen & CRM (Constant Contact), PandaDocXero, Stripe and Jira.

Benefits of Intregration 1 – Lead Gen & CRM and PandaDoc

Reduces Double Data Entry – Eliminates data that must be entered twice between your CRM system (LG&CRM) and your Sales Proposal system (PandaDoc)

Automated Process – Process is completely automated to create a proposal from information kept within the Opportunity.

Retrofits Existing Document Templates –Specialised templates have been created to quickly and simply retrofit existing proposal templates in PandaDoc

One Source of Truth – Increases the integrity of the data as the “Source of Truth” is LG&CRM.

Two Way Syncs – Syncs both ways so that the opportunity total price can be updated automatically from PandaDoc back into LG&CRM

Proposal Status – Shows proposal status in both systems, this helps to improve sales pipeline management.

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Envision Digital® is a niche Connector App Product Development business.

We specialise in software implementation, integration, automation and digital enablement services.

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