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May 11, 2020

FieldInsight May 2020 – What’s New, and What’s Coming!

FieldInsight May 2020

What’s New, and What’s Coming!


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FieldInsight have worked hard to add some awesome new features that you can use now!

What’s new:


What’s coming:


Set your Project Profit Margin

If you’re using Project management, you can now set your Profit margin in settings to indicate when the KPI budget column goes red. To learn more about costing project see Managing costs for projects


Customise the Timesheet Report

There’s a new option in Settings to customise which columns you see in the Weekly and Daily Timesheet Report, to change this open Settings – System fields and uncheck the columns you want hide.

There’s also a new fortnightly option in the weekly timesheet report


Set Special Rates for Account Customers

Need to apply Special Rates at a customer level for Quoting or Invoicing? You can now set Rates for Inventory items at the Account customer level that will apply for that customer on all Document Types and when adding items to jobs.


QR Codes

Save time identifying assets in the field using QR code labels. With QR code labels on your assets you can simply scan the asset – using the camera on a smartphone, to open it in FieldInsight ready for testing. It’s easy to get started, just follow the steps below:

  1. Print your QR codes
  2. Add the QR code labels to your assets in the field
  3. Scan a QR code to open and test the asset


Add Job on Mobile

Schedulers and technicians can now add new jobs on mobile. Enable this for a technician in Settings – Staff. 


What’s Coming Soon

  • Client Representatives
  • Drag & Drop Workers into Jobs in the Schedule View
  • Client Daily Approval of Timesheets
  • Custom Prefix for Invoices

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