Get a free bonus month to your buildXACT subscription

#6 2017

buildXACT is a powerful online estimating and job management tool perfect for builders and tradies.

It will take care of everything from the first on-screen take-off for the estimate, through to job scheduling and the final completion invoice. buildXACT is able to sync straight in with your accounting or bookkeeping system like Xero to streamline your invoices, payments, books and accounting to help you save time, boost profit and productivity.

How to get this this special offer! 

If you get a yearly subscription for buildXACT between May and June 2017 (before the end of the fiscal year), we’ll give you a free bonus month which will be added to your subscription so that in the end you’ll be getting a 13-month subscription!

After you get your yearly subscription, contact us at, provide us with your details (name, e-mail, mobile number and company name) and we’ll take care of the rest.

All you’ll have to do from then on is use all the advantages of buildXACT to run your business more efficiently.