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Welcome to the Lead Gen & CRM Platform by Constant Contact, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your business. Whether you’re looking to attract more leads, close deals faster, or deliver exceptional results, our integrated sales and marketing solution has you covered.

Marketing Automation
SharpSpring - Marketing Automation

Lead Gen & Scoring: Attract the Right Leads

Are you tired of chasing down leads that don’t convert? Our platform empowers you to attract the right leads effortlessly. With a combination of email and social marketing, complemented by retargeting ads, you’ll get hot leads faster than ever before. Plus, our intelligent scoring system evaluates leads based on their activity, ensuring you focus your efforts on the most promising prospects. Seamlessly pass them on to your sales team and watch your conversion rates soar.

CRM & Automation: Nurture with Personalized Content

Effective customer relationship management begins with delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Our Lead Gen & CRM Platform makes this process a breeze. Benefit from a flexible centralized CRM that adapts to your unique needs and infinitely customizable automations that simplify tasks like nurturing leads and sales follow-ups. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and hello to personalized, results-driven interactions.

Analytics: Grow with Better Conversion

Don’t just hope for growth; make it a reality with our robust analytics tools. Manage your business more effectively with real-time insights that connect your marketing spend to tangible sales results, pipeline progress, and revenue growth. Identify what’s working, where you can improve, and seize opportunities for continuous optimization.


Email Marketing

Drive traffic and boost sales with the ability to create, send, and track full email campaigns

Social Marketing

Meet your customers where they are by managing all your social accounts in one place, including Facebook lead ads.


Accomplish more with less effort by scheduling tasks to launch automatically.


Gain a deep understanding of your customers like never before with advanced tools that provide a holistic view of your audience.


Accelerate your growth with detailed analytics that reveal what’s working and illuminate the path to improvement.

Experience the Lead Gen & CRM Platform by Constant Contact today, and discover how we can transform your business by turning leads into loyal customers and dreams into reality. Start your journey toward success with Envision Digital.

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All-in-One Marketing Automation Platforms

marketing automation platforms


Create striking emails in real-time with the “what you see is what you get” email designer. You don’t need programming skills or graphic design training to create amazing emails. Point and click to add or remove elements, edit styles and move content around on the page. View changes to your email design instantly. Build email marketing campaigns that convert more leads to sales.



Achieve a new level of digital marketing.

The power of marketing automation platforms and retargeting combined.

You spend a lot of money to get visitors to your website, where only 2% of first-time visitors convert.

Serving bounced visitors targeted display ads, or retargeting, keeps your brand top of mind.

SharpSpring - Marketing Automation


Use the dynamic form builder to capture information and create a seamless experience for website visitors. Build and customize user-friendly forms in seconds. Use CSS to customize forms with your branding, aesthetic and design standards.

Sharpspring - Marketing Automation Software


Visualize the buyer’s journey and create marketing automated workflow with the intuitive builder. Expand automation workflows with branching logic to follow whatever path your buyers take. Combine tasks and action groups to create specific touch points on your lead’s path to conversion. Set up lead nurturing campaigns and messaging triggers that respond to your leads, instead of sending them on a one-track buyer’s journey with this powerful marketing automation platforms.

SharpSpring - marketing automation platforms

Visitor ID

Turn your website into a two-way communication tool with website lead tracking using our marketing automation platforms. Track and notify sales when a lead that is currently in your funnel comes back to the site to check out your pricing or download a white-paper. Send real-time notifications so your sales team can spring into action, prepared with detailed knowledge about the lead, their business and their previous behavior on the site. 

sharpspring - Marketing Automation


Email is a key aspect of your marketing and sales strategy – so you need a customer relationship management system that can keep up. Use the marketing automation platforms app to schedule personalized follow-up emails from your sales team. Smart Mail makes communication quick, easy, and unique to each contact.

Marketing Automation

Landing Pages

Start capturing leads quickly with our simple WYSIWYG landing page builder with this powerful marketing automation platforms. The intuitive interface means you can just point and click to add landing page features, adjust the design and publish in minutes. No coding skills are needed. Choose your layout and components, add a form to capture leads, and you’re ready to go.

SharpSpring Envision


Building a blog shouldn’t take a computer science degree. Our intuitive, point-and-click editor makes it easy to set up your blog and start publishing posts. You don’t need to know HTML to use our WYSIWYG blog and website builder.

Sharpspring - Envision - SharpSpring

Marketing Analytics

Track email success all the way to bottom-line ROI with our comprehensive email marketing analytics. Follow key stats such as clicks, opens, bounces and successful deliveries. Use feedback to optimize your messaging and improve email marketing deliverability. Check emails for broken links and test different calls to action. Build an attentive audience who receive and open your emails on time with this powerful marketing automation platforms.

Sharpspring - Marketing Automation Implementation


Track users across devices and learn more about how your audience finds your website. The service and marketing automation platform can recognize and track almost anything – from desktops and laptops to mobile phones, tablets, and smart devices. Use information about your traffic sources to optimize your website content and design.

Sharpspring - Marketing Automation Envision


Get a comprehensive look at all of your planned content – social activity, scheduled emails, and blog posts – with the Content Calendar. See what’s in the works and make changes on the fly with an interactive social media management application that provides daily, weekly, monthly, or list views. Prepare for seasonal campaigns and understand your content needs well in advance with this powerful marketing automation platforms.


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The Marketing Automation Platforms
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sharpspring envision digital testimonials from australia

Darryl Smith

Director/CEO, Business Management Consulting

I have employed Rod as a HR/Systems Manager during my time as WA State Manager for BilfingerBerger Australia and have since utilised his skills, through Envision, to implement tailored finance andoperational system solutions specific to several start-up companies I have been involved in.Rod has an overall excellent understanding of all business systems and processes, ensures he has a goodteam behind him and is committed to providing a quality service. He won’t let you down.

David Byrnes

Chief Executive Officer (Former), Torque Recruitment Group

Rod is a high energy customer focused problem solver, and his knowledge of systems and development of training platforms is second to none. Rod is a person of high integrity and I have no hesitations in recommending him.

Joel Schreiber

Pilbara Institute Advanced Skilled Lecturer – Business Systems

Outstanding Professional who is Knowledgeable, Exhibits High Integrity, and Ensures Quality Assurance. Highly Experienced in developing Accounting, Human Resource, and Quality Document Processes in a variety of Businesses. Provided excellent training services in the areas of Human Resources, Accounting Software, and Business Development to ensure all participants understood and were able to apply best practice systems to their organisations. Highly recommended for virtual CFO and HR system development. It was a pleasure to observe him and work with him as a Colleague over the years.

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