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OBrien Real Estate I Clark

Case study

Benefits of BambooHR
Advanced User Training


1. OBrien Real Estate l Clark is a long term user of both Xero, BambooHR and envisionBX.

2. OBrien Real Estate l Clark General Manager, Lesley Owen,has to manage multiplereports across two locations.

3. They have two sites but one business entity. They run a fast paced and multifaceted business.

4. OBrien Real Estate l Clark experience attrition in key positions, from time to time and they require new staff
to become competent quickly in key systems.

Envision Digital® Solution

Envision Digital employ envisionBX to integrate BambooHR and Xero for OBrien Real Estate l Clark.

Envision Digital are seen as experts by OBrien Real Estate l Clark in regards to the setup and operation of BambooHR, envisionBX and Xero.

Their GM is time poor and she requires ongoing technical advice and support from Envision Digital.

Whenever they employ new staff, in key positions, OBrien Real Estate l Clark engage the Managing Director of Envision Digital, Rod Wakefield, to train their new staff members in BambooHR Advanced User Training.


1.  OBrien Real Estate l Clark and Envision Digital have a close business relationship built on professionalism,              honesty and trust.

2.  Envision Digital are always on call to assist the GM when required.

3.  All new OBrien Real Estate l Clark staff, who are employed in certain positions, receive BambooHR
Advanced User Training,
in their first month of employment.

4.  The tailored training ensures that OBrien Real Estate l Clark staff are knowledgable and competent in
the setup and use of BambooHR, Xero and envisionBX, early in their tenure.

5.  This training saves significant time and stress and in turn, it improves productivity and profitability of
the OBrien Real Estate l Clark business.


“Rod Wakefield, Managing Director at Envision Digital has trained a number of our users on the BambooHR system and we have great respect for his knowledge and support and I personally thank him as he continues to support our team long after the training to ensure we are getting the most from our system.”

Lesley Owen – OBrien Real Estate l Clark General Manager 

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