The Orange Card. The Reason Why?

The management and staff of Envision fully support Sideffect and you should too. Increase safety in your workplace and protect your children!

The Orange Card is a Modern Illicit Drug Education platform designed to make sure employees and employers are well informed of the dangers of Illicit and synthetic drugs within the workplace. An online E-learning tool that is designed to tackle the growing drug problem we are seeing in the Australian workplace which is costing billions of dollars in economic loss.

With awareness, comes the ability to make better choices and spread the word to the wider community – early intervention and education are key. This course has also been developed to keep employers and employees protected.

The Orange Card will continuously evolve as new Illicit and synthetic drugs take a grip on Australian workforces and the team will endeavour to keep Australian employees and employers educated and aware.

Why the Orange Card?

The current illicit drug epidemic is costing the Australian economy 4.4 billion dollars in health care, crime, and economic losses. The Goal is to ensure that you and your fellow staff are well educated about the risks associated with synthetic drugs including ICE.

The course is designed to educate through coaching workers about the dangers of Illicit drug use, and the impact it can have on their co-workers and their community.

The Orange Card is proudly supported by Sideffect, an Australian not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to the early intervention and education of illicit drugs, both in schools and workplaces.

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Orange Card Objectives:


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About Sideffect:

Sideffect is an Australian non profit organisation dedicated to educating everyone in Australia about the dangers of synthetic drugs:


Sideffect in Australian schools:

My 14-year-old daughter and her friends attended a Sideffect presentation recently at her school. She came home so impacted by the information she received, that it reduced her to tears. The influence the presentation made culminated in her making a pledge, of her own volition, never to touch such drugs.”

“I have never seen an effect like this on my daughter before and I couldn’t ignore it. I decided to attend a Sideffect presentation for parents, with my wife, at Carine Senior High School. We found the Sideffect style of Drug Education to be hard hitting and based on real-life experience and truth. We thought that we were worldly and informed, but the truth is, as parents, we were ignorant of what is going on around us in Australia. Get informed now and support this vital cause.”

Rod Wakefield, Managing Director, Envision Strategy Solutions Pty Ltd