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1. Public Sector Network is a social learning platform that exists to help government around the globe break down silos, collaborate, and work together for better outcomes for citizens.

2. Public Sector Network has multiple countries and multiple entities that need to link to a BambooHR HRIS.

3. Public Sector Network required an integration between BambooHR and Xero to reduce data entry, standardize processes, manage employees and ensure accurate payments for multiple entities

4. Client needed to manage complexity. BambooHR was being used as the HRIS for multiple different entities and as such, had to be linked to multiple and separate Xero accounts.

5. Public Sector Network have a centralised finance/payroll system using Xero globally.


envisionBX has helped Public Sector Network to save significant time in data entry, automatically syncing employee details from BambooHR to Xero.

envisionBX ensures that leaves requested in BambooHR are synced to Xero and envisionBX also ensures that leave balances match in Xero and BambooHR.

Envision Digital® help them to maximize the use of their BambooHR by conducting trainings; BambooHR Advanced User Training.

envisionBX has activated Divisional Filters, so that they can link multiple Xero to one BambooHR account.


1. Envision Digital® have created Consolidated Error and Variance Reports to make sure data integrity in BambooHR and Xero.

2. Public Sector Network know that they have integrity of data and leave balances for all groups.

3. Significant time is saved through efficiencies and productivity.

4. Public Sector Network can effectively manage all our employees in BambooHR and they are now confident that all the changes and leaves are syncing in Xero.

5. Public Sector Network is now using BambooHR to its full extent.


The team at envisionBX have been a joy to work with, extremely patient and helpful in their approach. They really have gone above and beyond of what I thought we were getting from our initial integration. Would not hesitate to call Celyn and Rod in the future or recommend their services to others.Huge thanks.

Gemma Mills – Human Resources Director

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