November 10, 2023

RPMGlobal – envisionAB

Case study

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1. Client required an integration between two global software companies.

2. Client had difficulties finding a company that was capable of building the integration, even when they were prepared to help pay for it.

3. RPMGlobal HR Team wanted their staff to be able to use the BambooHR HRIS Employee Portal to its maximum potential.

4. RPMGlobal required a trusted business partner to build them a world class integration product.


Envision Digital® (Envision) needed to carefully assess their scope of work to ensure they could successfully build the required integration product.

Envision were prepared to work in consultation/collaboration with the software companies involved, to ensure a successful project.

Envision are certified to ISO 27001 Information Security, this was a compulsory requirement for working with RPMGlobal.

Envision was able to plan, design, code, test and commission the envisionAB product within an agreed project timeframe.


1. Envision successfully built and commissioned the envisionAB product within our set timeframe.

2. Envision have been successful in commercialising the product for other companies that use ADP Payforce and BambooHR.

3. Envision proved to be capable of working successfully with multiple stakeholders.

4. Envision were able to build a secure product, that is compliant with ISO 27001 standards.

5. Envision impressed our client, RPMGlobal, with our ability to deliver a complex integration project, required between global software companies.

6. Envision were able to provide the envisionAB product, at a highly competitive price, because we are Research and Development funded by the Australian Federal Government.


“We engaged Envision Digital®” to design, develop, and implement a set of enterprise integration between ADP Payforce and BambooHR. The Envision team was great to work with, and their execution of this project was first-class. The Final solution has provided our company with a better employee experience and improved organisational efficiency, reporting, and data quality. The impact on our daily operations has been significant, enabling the department to provide a more efficient service to the business. We would recommend Envision to others who have the same type of requirements that we did.”

Brittany Rixon – Executive General Manager – People and Culture

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