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What’s New at SharpSpring?

Get more value for your business with smarter revenue growth features

Custom Reports

Build better reports with a library of widgets that can be individually customized to focus on the data you need. Reports can also be published or shared.

Video Calls

Iinitiate a video call with 1 or more leads  directly from the Lead Record with no  additional software downloads.

Sales Dialer

Call leads directly from their SharpSpring lead record, creating a Life of the Lead event and providing you with an audio and searchable text transcript of the call.


Chatbots can collect lead info, trigger automations, or even present personalized messaging depending on visitor information

– no custom coding necessary.


A consolidated dashboard of reports specific to each SharpSpring user, Launchpad gives you access to the Activity Report, Task Manager, My Stuff and Custom Reports.

Visual Form Styler

Design SharpSpring forms in real-time to fit perfectly with your branding with no CSS knowledge required!

Facebook Lead Ads

Automatically import leads collected from Facebook Lead Ads forms into SharpSpring to drive revenue. Reports can also be published or shared.

Conversion Goals

Define what success means to you. Use our system Conversion Goals or create custom ones to track and report on how leads move through your marketing and sales processes.customized to focus on the data you need. Reports can also be published or shared.

Recurring Action Groups

Schedule an action group to a lead that will execute on a recurring basis, such as birthday emails and subscription reminders

Email Engagement Bot Filter

Filter out email engagements originating from bots or spam filters for more accurate insights.

Multi-touch Attribution Reporting

Select multiple Campaigns and control and report on how each contributed to conversions.

Two-Factor Authentication

When passwords and security tokens are used together, it becomes much more difficult to lose control of an account – giving you an added layer of protection.

New Navigation Bar

Our re-designed main navigation menu improves the user experience and makes access to individual app areas faster and more intuitive.

Email Editor Elements

Spacers, dividers, and social media services, make it easier than ever to create your perfect email.

SharpSpring Ads

Launch and track the success of your Perfect Audience retargeting efforts all without ever leaving the SharpSpring interface.

Instagram Posting and Listening

Sync your Instagram for Business account with SharpSpring to grow your following
with high-quality posts. Nurture influencer relationships, resolve customer needs, and stay top of mind on the ‘gram—all in SharpSpring.

Customizable Account Manager

Build and save the perfect “view” of your key accounts in SharpSpring. This massive update brings the power of Advanced Search to the Account Manager for the first time so you can always find the business relationships that matter most.

Workflow Membership Filters

Your leads engage with multiple workflows and campaigns. Workflow membership filters streamline the customer journey and enhance your segmentation to keep every lead on the most efficient path to conversion.

The Dock

SharpSpring’s toolset is still growing. Find exactly what you need (on a demo or at work), faster—with the new Dock navigation tool. Globally accessible icons allow you to access any feature from any page in SharpSpring easily.

Customizable Contact Manager

The Contact Manager has been updated and reworked to have a focus on customization. The information displayed in the Contact Manager can be customized to suit your needs, whether that is the information itself or how it is presented.

Capture Business-only Leads

Capture higher-quality leads by requiring business-only emails for each form fill. This feature ensures leads provide their compa-ny email instead of free services like Gmail and Yahoo.

Customizable Opportunity Manager: Coming Soon

Manage and convert every opportunity in your pipeline with customization tools that help you focus on moving the right deals through your sales process as quickly as possible. Leverage the Advanced Search to quickly find the opportunities most important to you.

Email Open Triggers

Email opens can be used as triggers in a workflow or list, so you can queue-up even more sophisticated, real-time marketing and sales actions.

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