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SharpSpring CRM and Marketing Automation Implementation

Envision Digital and SharpSpring CRM

We integrate SharpSpring CRM with websites to build powerful marketing automation tools that will engage your prospects and convert them into customers.

SharpSpring’s email templates integrate with dynamic landing pages and let you send targeted communications for maximum impact. As a CRM with marketing automation, SharpSprings monitors and tracks leads from first visit to conversion.

SharpSpring receives excellent reviews from all our clients, and its affordable pricing makes it the best value cloud-based CRM software in Australia.

We provide SharpSpring CRM implementation, migrate data from your existing CRM or Project Management system, and integrate SharpSpring with your existing systems, including website content management systems.

Envision also provide training and support to ensure that you’re getting the most from your SharpSpring CRM.


Powerful Marketing Automation for Your Business.

SharpSpring is a cloud-based marketing automation platform for marketing agencies and small to mid-sized businesses with top-of-class features, functionalities and performance.

SharpSpring is among the most flexible platforms on the market, offering native or third-party CRM integration, universal CMS compatibility, and additional integrations with hundreds of applications.

With SharpSpring, you can monitor every lead that comes in and analyze all of your data for a full picture of end-to-end ROI.

Drive more leads. Convert them to sales. Optimise your marketing.

Full-Featured Marketing Automation

Already Advertising with Google and Facebook?

That's great, but did you know they only reach HALF of your potential audience. Instantly double the number of customers you can reach.


2-3x Better Than Standard Display Ads

It makes sense. Why would you keep advertising to new customers when you could reach people who are already familiar with you? Retargeting is effective bottom of the funnel channel optimisation.


One Platform to Rule them All

Reach Google, Facebook, Instagram PLUS tens of thousands of publishers from one single platform. No more windows filling up your screen. Attribution consolidated from every channel into a single dashboard.

Visitors to your site are your most valued data

Think about it. Your visitors are already interested in you. They've come to your site and had a good experience. Now, get a second or third chance to get in front of them with your ads. Always be in front of your potential customer.


Easy, Intelligent and Automated

We know. One more thing to set-up. But think of it this way. Take 15 minutes. One time. Load in your ads, create your campaign, and our system starts to learn, fast. And we'll build your Perfect Audience.


We all want Return on Investment (ROI)

How about 8-10x ROI? Simply put, retargeting is the most effective advertising channel you can use.

WYSIWYG Email Designer

Create striking emails in real time with the ‘what you see is what you get” email designer in SharpSpring. Quickly and easily craft marketing emails that convert leads to sales.

Forms That Look and Feel Like Your Site

SharpSpring has a built-in dynamic form builder. Build and customise your form in seconds. Use CSS to allow the form to take on the aesthetic of your site.

Visual Workflow Builder

Visualise the buyer’s journey with the visual workflow builder. Point and click to build and expand automation tasks with branching logic. Combine tasks and action groups to create specific touch points on your lead’s path to conversion.

Identify Anonymous Web Visitors

Think about this: 98% of web visitors remain anonymous because they don’t fill out forms. VisitorID uses reverse IP lookup to identify the companies visiting your site, and provides you contact info, including names, emails and phone numbers. Get crucial insight on your existing web traffic to convert leads to sales.

Smart Mail

Schedule one-to-one personalised follow up emails from your sales team. Smart Mail makes communication, quick, easy and unique to each contact.

Point-and-Click WYSIWYG Editor

Start capturing leads quickly. The intuitive WYSIWYG interface allows you to point and click your way to create great-looking pages in minutes – no coding needed. Choose your layout and components, add a form, and you’re ready.

Make Your Blog Dynamic

Engage your blog visitors and subscribers with content designed just for them, without the need for a developer. Simply right-click to swap out images, text and other CTAs, so that your blog index page resonates with multiple audiences based on who they are, what they like, and their behaviours.

Multiple Device Tracking

SharpSpring recognizes and tracks all of the various devices a contact may use to visit your site. This includes smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and helicopters. Well, maybe not helicopters.

Transformative Email Analytics

Track email success all the way to bottom line ROI. Follow stats like clicks, opens, bounces, and deliveries to optimize messaging. Know which links in your emails are working and which are not.

Manage Social Content in Context

Get a comprehensive look at all of your planned content – social activity, scheduled emails, blog posts – with SharpSpring’s Content Calendar. See what’s in the works, and make changes on the fly with an interactive interface that provides daily, weekly, monthly, or list views.

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