October 4, 2019

Spring into Digital Growth

THE 3 M’s of Marketing

Just as a new spring flower needs water, sunshine and soil to blossom, keeping your marketing strategy simple, with the 3 M’s will help to ensure you consistently create successful campaigns.

  • MESSAGE : Clearly identify only 1 key MESSAGE and be consistent with that across all marketing.
  • MARKET: Define and know your MARKET inside and out. Use data to drill into behavior and buying patterns. Communicate with a matched tone and language.
  • MEDIUM: Choose the best MEDIUM for your market, these channels will ensure you reach the right people at the right time to optimize engagement.


 THE 60/40 SPLIT

While the 3 M’s will get you impact both in the dynamic digital space and the more traditional, old school channels, you need to concentrate on a 60/40 split with your marketing efforts;

That’s 60% brand building and 40% short term sales.

Many CEO’s and managers want to see fast and furious boosts in the bottom line. It’s more productive to recognise that marketing has two distinct areas, branding – the slow burn and today’s sales – the fast gain.

Data or no data it’s important to create campaigns using some very basic marketing strategies.

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