The New Way to Nail Email Signatures


Feedback is crucial for understanding the performance of your organization and the service it
provides. Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up lets you collect insightful responses on every
email that you send.


Most organizations still gather feedback using long surveys
and forms. These only ever run for defined periods and
typically get a <1% response rate. This provides a minimal
snapshot of real customer sentiment.

In addition, although a business sends many emails per
day, only some of these offer a chance to collect feedback.
This makes it difficult to identify which touchpoints need
to be addressed. This is dangerous when over 92% of
customers abandon organizations after 2 or 3 negative

Finally, most feedback is collected anonymously and used
en masse to drive large organizational changes. This poses
a challenge when seeking to close the feedback loop and
successfully engage with respondents.


With the Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up,
organizations can easily obtain feedback through the use
of simple 1-click surveys within email signatures. This
makes it effortless for recipients to interact with.

Using Exclaimer Signature Feedback surveys on every
email touchpoint not only drives up response rates, but
allows organizations to understand where improvements
will have the greatest effect. This means unhappy
customers receive the necessary assistance, while
delighted customers can be turned into brand advocates.

  1. Include 1-click surveys on your email communications.
  2. Get feedback with a single click.
  3. Gather statistics in a single dashboard.
  4. Get real-time alerts and react faster.
  5. Attribute feedback to specific contacts and accounts.

Exclaimer Signature Feedback provides great insight into our customers’ experiences, plus the positive feedback shared with the team has acted as a motivator to encourage us to keep providing high levels of customer service.

Orla McGoldrick

Consumer Marketing Manager, Tobermore



CSAT and NPS surveys

Generate a high volume of feedback with 1-click surveys in email signatures. Ensure that every email touchpoint has an accompanying survey that is effortless to interact with.

Identifiable feedback

Directly attribute any feedback to a specific customer or account. See how certain accounts and contacts are faring through the entire customer lifecycle.

Real-time alerts

Configure email alerts to notify of feedback in real time. React faster to responses to take appropriate actions. Close your feedback loop easily to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Analytics dashboard

Explore feedback statistics in a dedicated dashboard. Use important metrics to inform your decisions and track performance over time.


  1. Drive higher feedback response rates with surveys on every email.
  2. Make informed operational improvements across all customer facing teams.
  3. Improve customer relationships by identifying issues and resolving them quickly.
  4. Easily identify delighted customers that can be approached for testimonials, case studies and to become brand advocates.
  5. Highlight the employees delivering excellent customer experience and those that need help.

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