February 26, 2021

The Positive Side of a Pandemic? Increased Sales & Effortless Standardisation!

COVID-19 has made cold calling and customer visits something that will need to be put on pause for an undetermined period. And, while many business owners and sales team may see this as an obstacle, because personality and face-to-face interactions had a large impact on their conversion rates – we see it as an opportunity.


The hard truth is that a salesperson arriving at your door can almost never arrive at the right time.


Businesses are always buzzing with busyness and there is an unfortunate sense of annoyance that accompanies a salesperson who has arrived to potentially solve a massive problem you could be experiencing and equip you with tools to make your operations more efficient.


So how can you catch the attention of your customers and follow up without being annoying?

With PandaDoc – document automation software that focuses on making sales and overall client experiences epic and seamless.

It works because when it comes to online sales, leads get to receive a well branded, professional and easy to follow pitch in their email box allowing them to tend to it at a time that works best for them. This reduces the chances of catching a potential client at a bad time and allows them the space to get to your proposal when they have a moment. The catch? Since your proposal is online – it better be good! And since you are portraying your brand in a virtual capacity, you need to find a way to do it so that it brings your personality across in a powerful way.

With PandaDoc, not only do you get professionally designed sales and proposal templates that are meticulously crafted to convert but you make e-signatures a breeze allowing your team to close deals faster.

Your team will be able to represent your brand better than they ever were before with missing papers and overused hard copy catalogues. And what’s more, they have an online space where they can collaborate and bring their heads together to create winning proposals, even while working remotely. How great would it be if your team was surpassing targets during a pandemic that could’ve detrimentally damaged your business?

You’ll wonder why you ever bothered with face to sales before.

Check out a demo for yourself. Contact us for more information.

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