November 8, 2023

Unified Music Group – Use of Stripe

Case study

The Joys of Running a
Global Business


Unified Music Group is a global music business with multiple entities, for Stripe Billing purposes.

Unified Music Group required an integration between BambooHR and Xero to reduce data entry, standardize processes, manage employees and ensure accurate payments for multiple entities

Client needed to manage complexity. BambooHR was being used as the HRIS for mulitiple different entities and as such, had to be linked to mulitple and separate Xero and Stripe accounts.

Unified Music Group have a centralised finance/payroll system using Xero globally


1. envisionBX used Stripe for all entities, to ensure correct billing, based on active numbers on the same day every month

2. envisionBX has activated Divisional Filters, so that Stripe billing can be split accurately between different entities, payroll systems and different countries

3. Stripe is able to automatically send a copy of a paid invoice monthly to Unified Music Group

4. Stripe ensures no payment terms or payment follow ups. It is all automated.

5. envisionBX has helped Unified Music Group to save significant time in data entry, automatically syncing employee details from BambooHR to Xero.

6. envisionBX ensures that leaves requested in BambooHR are synced to Xero and envisionBX also ensures that leave balances match in Xero and BambooHR


1. Envision Digital have created Consolidated Error and Variance Reports to meet the needs to Unified Music Group

2. All Unified Music Group entities are billed based on their active numbers through Stripe monthly and automatically

3. Unified Music Group know that they have integritity of data and leave balances for all groups

4. Significant time is saved through efficiencies and productivity

5. Unified Music Group receive notification if there are any errors in 2 systems.

6. Unified Music Group can effectively manage all our employees in BambooHR and they are now confident that all the changes and leaves are syncing in Xero.


”As a business with several different entities within our eco-system, the use of envisionBX has allowed us to connect our different BambooHR Divisions to the multiple accounting files we use for separate entities. The ability to automatically create employees and sync leave balances has been a great service to us. Rod and the team are very responsive to any needs and are always looking to improve the service. Would recommend Envision Digital to anyone using BambooHR and Xero.” 

Dylan Visser – Group Financial Account 

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