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March 15, 2022

United Kingdom Library Fields – Why you need these!

As a United Kingdom Client, get the most out of your EnvisionBX account by requesting these fields directly from BambooHR. These have been specifically tailored by Envision Digital for the English Market.

1. Rate information Sync from BambooHR to Xerochange to ‘hours per pay period’ HIGHLY RECOMMEND

2. Payslips Sync from Xero to BambooHR – Generic EBX payslip generated from information on Xero’s payslip

3. National Identity Number Sync from BambooHR to Xero – United Kingdom numerical format

4. Bank Information Sync from BambooHR to Xero – Employee bank details

5. Tax Information Sync from BambooHR to XeroTax residency status

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