November 15, 2023

Valued Academy UK – David Oliver

Case study

Brothers in arms!

Introduction to our new Client Relationship Associate (UK)


1. Envision Digital® required representation, to market our products and services in the UK.

2. We preferred a new established partner, who had previous experience, relative to our own.

3. We were hopeful they would also be a software partner with a company like WorkflowMax or BambooHR.

4. We required a company that had personal and business values similar to our own.

5. We required a company that were comfortable to find out about and market, our niche Connector Apps.


Valued Academy and David Oliver were referred to Envision Digital® from Bluerock Consulting, our close partner.

Valued Academy have 12 years experience as a WorkflowMax partner. 

David Oliver presented to us as a personable and professional operator, who shared our business values.

Valued Academy also includes a fully functional Accounting practice that has many synergies with our business. 

Valued Academy were very interested in marketing some of our software partners in the UK e.g. BambooHR Referral Partners


1. Valued Academy and Envision Digital® have signed a 2 years duration, sub-contract agreement, between our two entities.

2. Both companies will be involved in co-marketing/sales activities.

3. All UK related leads will be sent to valued, to present Envision Digital® in the first instance.

4. David Oliver has now been inducted and onboarded into our Envision Digital® business.

5. Both companies are starting to share business systems and build business plans in a collaborative fashion.

6. Envision Digital® now have a second satellite office in the UK.


“Upon discovering Envision Digital’s offerings, we immediately recognized its potential to streamline processes and save time. Valued Academy has a unique perspective as both implementer and beneficiary of new systems. It can be frustrating as you grow to know that it’s your systems that are holding you back, but making big changes can be a challenge. At Valued Academy, we leverage our experience and connections to suggest and implement software that streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and unlocks the full potential of your business.”

David Oliver – Systems Implementation Manager – Valued Academy UK 

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