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February 21, 2021

Who brought the broken telephone game to the office?

One of the roots of the miscommunication that is so prevalent in the work environment is quite simple – confusion.

When a request seems too overwhelming or some details of a brief were missed or an employee has too much on their plate, they can easily miss things simply because their brain is not quite sure where to store the new information. Sure, it may have been easier to jot something down on their to-do-list in the moment but in all honesty, each day at the office is busy enough as it is and we have to cut our staff some slack.

Most managers might take confusion as a cop-out but in reality, it’s a call for more streamlined organisation tools. If there isn’t a portal that everyone has access to where employees are held accountable for their projects, deadlines, and tasks then the onus falls on the owner at the end of the day.

 The beauty of project management platforms like WorkflowMax is that they literally transform the operations of your organisation almost immediately. There’s no room for broken telephone games and miscommunication when you have a system that can be used on a daily basis by all employees where project briefs, due dates, persons responsible, reporting, time tracking, quoting, invoicing and the relevant documentation can all be managed in one seamless place. It’s an incredibly flawless way to keep everybody in the loop and to keep everyone on track.

As a business, you can essentially do it all, with WorkflowMax.

So if you’re ready to get a better view of your people, profit and performance, reach out to us below and see it in action.


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