Envision Digital® is a niche Connector App Product Development business.

Envision Digital® specialise in software implementation, integration, automation and digital enablement services.

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What Drives Envision Digital®?

Our Purpose

To contribute to the competitiveness of globally aligned businesses, by implementing world-class and niche technology, support, and training.

Our Niche

“Digital Transformation Enablers who make complex systems simple!”

Our Guarantee

“Best in class business systems with world-class integration and automation.”

Core Focus and Values


We have a clear vision. We listen to understand you. We respond by making complex problems simple. We become trusted business friends.


We uphold our integrity, so we always provide honest information that’s in your best interest that reduces your business risk.


We’re knowledgeable, accountable, strategic and sensible in delivering fully integrated solutions. We look outside the box.


We’re down to earth. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We act, collaborate and win as a team. We love having fun.

Envision Digital® Management Team

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Rod Wakefield

Managing Director

Melissa Standen

Client Relationship Manager (AU)

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Alex Brooks

Client Relationship Manager (UK)

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Nisarg Shah

Product Manager

Celyn Bautista

Product Team – Lead

Envision Digital® Product Development Team

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Nisarg Shah

Product Manager

envision digital roger

Sunil Gandhi

Product Developer – Senior

Celyn Bautista

Product Team – Lead

Meet Shah

Quality Assurance Engineer

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Harsh Shah

Product Developer

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Vishal Saseendran

Support Specialist

Envision Digital®
Support and Digital Marketing Team

Mark Leddy

Director (UK)/Shareholder

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Roger Vertannes

EOS Partner/Shareholder – Leadership Counts

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Joseph Ben Abarado

Creative Director

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Himanshu Nainawa

Digital Marketing Specialist (SEO)

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Hoosein Ismail

Xero Partner

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