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November 18, 2021

8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to EnvisionBX

As an HR professional, do you frequently feel as if you are one person doing the work of several? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Any company’s HR department, large or small, is responsible for several crucial functions, many of which are minor but essential to smooth operations.

This is one of the many reasons why more and more firms are deploying a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), this is to effectively integrate the human aspect of HR with a dependable and efficient organisational system.

However, some companies use HRIS but still keep a separate payroll system or outsource payroll. Is your company one of those? If yes, you might want to pitch these benefits with your HR team:

● It saves your HR department time;

● It increases productivity; and

● It allows them to address your company’s current needs.

While switching procedures that appear to be functioning well can be difficult, you may be surprised by the benefits that this integration can provide.

EnvisionBX is a new Xero HRIS Connector that integrates with BambooHR natively. You can now send new employees directly from BambooHR to Xero to automate Xero employee onboarding, making the HR onboarding process quick and straightforward. The EnvisionBX integration also manages employee leave balances like a breeze!

Envision Digital is the only BambooHR Authorized Reseller in Australia and they know how to integrate the platform with current systems to get the most out of it. BambooHR is an HR software solution that contains functions such as application tracking, leave management, payroll, HR reporting, onboarding, and performance reviews, among others.


Why should you consider investing in EnvisionBX and
how might it help your HR department?

Here are some of the things why you should consider EnvisionBX:

1. It Saves Time

To save time and help the new employee onboarding process go more smoothly, BambooHR syncs seamlessly with Xero Payroll. Employees’ leave balances are updated automatically, and they may keep track of their own.

A HR Information System is meant to make essential HR functions as simple as possible by automating them, whether it’s calculating absenteeism, monitoring attendance, processing payroll, or any of the dozens of other time-consuming processes that HR employees deal with daily.

2. Leave Approval is Uncomplicated

When an employee seeks time off, BambooHR delivers the request to their boss automatically.

EnvisionBX simply adjusts the leave balance in BambooHR and Xero Payroll at the same time when a manager confirms a leave. Automated time-off requests and approvals help you save time.

Make time-off categories, such as sick days, vacations, bereavement, jury duty, and more. Establish accrual policies, keep track of available and utilized vacation time, and generate reports.

3. Cloud-based HR, Payroll, and Accounting Software in One

EnvisionBX was built in response to rising demand for direct integration between BambooHR and Xero, two of the world’s most popular cloud-based HR and payroll/accounting software packages. Businesses had been clamouring for this integration, so EnvisionBX decided to build it. EnvisionBX is now one of the most popular BambooHR add-ons! It has reached Pro status after 3 months!

EnvisionBX relieves the customers of a fundamental stumbling block: having to manage staff onboarding and leave management in two different systems. The integration relieves HR managers of a significant amount of labour while also making life easier for employees and their supervisors.

4. Solution That Is Eco Friendly

If some portions of your payroll are still done on paper, integrating payroll with your HRIS may help you cut down on the amount of paper you use. This can help to reduce clutter in the workplace as well as the company’s overall environmental effect. Over a lengthy period, the environmental benefits of eliminating paperwork and the associated storage may be significant.

EnvisionBX employs the Stripe Payment Gateway, which costs a minimal monthly fee per employee via direct debit, based on active employees in BambooHR at the time of billing. To validate active numbers in BambooHR now the client is invoiced, a CSV file is given to the company or organization as the paid invoice.

EnvisionBX is a User Pays APP with a sliding scale pricing system based on per employee per month, according to your company’s workforce.

5. Improves Coordination and Collaboration

EnvisionBX can increase communications and coordination when time and attendance, payroll, personnel data, and other HR-related issues are managed through a single interface. One manager or HR professional can adjust in one area, indicating the reasons for the changes, and others can see those improvements when they enter the relevant area. This can help to clear up any ambiguity and make it easier to adjust and remedy mistakes.

6. Leads to More Accurate and Timely Reporting

When using a different payroll system, it might be difficult to pool relevant information together to extract useful insights because organizational data grows daily. Because all of the data is stored in one system, reports can use it and cross-reference it with other data to construct analytics that can be utilized to make improvements.

7. Errors are Reduced

Because human data entry causes the most payroll problems, automating payroll is a high-value area for small firms. Aside from the time it takes to fix errors, tax withholding errors expose the company to IRS fines. EnvisionBX ensures the integrity of your data between the two platforms.

8. Monitoring of Attendance

Timecard fraud does occur, and it costs businesses time and money. Long lunch breaks, “buddy punching,” when a friend logs in for an employee who is late, and billing for hours that were not worked are all examples of fraud. Employees must swipe their employee IDs to punch in on time clock systems, which removes some of these concerns. They provide another layer of protection by requiring management permission, and they can also be set up to send managers notifications if timelines don’t match up.


These are just some of the reasons why you should consider investing in EnvisionBX the only BambooHR connector. Once tried, you will be surprised with other features that will surely benefit you, your HR team, and your company.

We have already served a hundred companies and we’ve already delivered excellent results by helping their HR Process fast and productive. We’d like to do the same for your company! Visit to get a FREE Demonstration Now!

Envision Digital are cloud software implementation, integration, automation and digital enablement specialists

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