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Work flexibly and keep track of your business with the Xero accounting software and Xero Payroll mobile app.

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Keep your finger on the pulse, with an up-to-date view of cash flow – from anywhere.
It’s easy to save hours on admin and streamline your tasks with Xero accounting software and Xero Payroll.

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Simplify everyday business tasks with Xero accounting software and Xero Payroll.

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Xero accounting software is a powerful online accounting software solution. Run things smoothly, keep records tidy, and make compliance a breeze.

  • Automate tasks like invoicing and reporting with Xero accounting software
  • Get a full financial picture of your business with Xero accounting software
  • Make end-of-year tax returns easy with Xero accounting software

Set up bank feeds from your bank accounts so transactions are imported securely into Xero accounting software each business day

  • Bank transactions automatically flow into Xero accounting software
  • Reconcile your bank transactions every day with Xero accounting software
  • See an up-to-date picture of your cash flow with Xero accounting software


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    Are you tired of spending hours on payroll management and struggling with complicated accounting processes? Look no further than Xero Payroll, an integrated feature of the renowned Xero accounting software. With Xero Payroll, you can streamline your payroll operations, save time, and ensure accurate employee payments, all within the convenience of a single platform.

    Xero Payroll is designed to simplify and automate your payroll processes, making it easy to manage your employees’ wages, taxes, and leave entitlements. By leveraging the power of Xero accounting software, you can seamlessly integrate your payroll data with your general ledger, ensuring accurate financial reporting and eliminating the need for manual data entry. With Xero Payroll, you can say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and welcome a streamlined and efficient payroll management system.

    The intuitive interface of Xero Payroll allows you to set up payroll in minutes and effortlessly handle complex calculations. Whether it’s processing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay runs, Xero Payroll adapts to your business’s unique needs. You can easily manage multiple pay rates, deductions, and reimbursements, ensuring accurate and timely pay for your employees. And with automatic tax calculations and updates, you can be confident that your payroll is compliant with the latest regulations.

    Xero Payroll doesn’t just stop at processing payments. It also provides comprehensive reporting and employee self-service features. Generate detailed payroll reports to gain valuable insights into your labor costs and track leave balances effortlessly. Employees can access their payslips and manage their personal details, reducing administrative tasks and promoting transparency within your organization.

    Experience the power of Xero accounting software combined with the efficiency of Xero Payroll. Say goodbye to manual payroll headaches and embrace a seamless payroll management system that integrates with your overall accounting processes. With Xero Payroll, you can focus on growing your business while ensuring accurate and compliant payroll operations. Take control of your payroll today with Xero Payroll, the ultimate solution for effortless payroll management.


    • Streamlined Financial Management: Xero accounting software offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that streamline financial management processes. From invoicing and bank reconciliation to expense tracking and financial reporting, Xero simplifies the tasks involved in managing your company’s finances.
    • Real-time Collaboration: With Xero accounting software, you can collaborate with your team and financial advisors in real-time. Multiple users can access and work on the same set of financial data simultaneously, ensuring everyone is on the same page and improving collaboration efficiency.
    • Easy Accessibility: Xero is a cloud-based accounting software, meaning you can access your financial data anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This accessibility allows you to manage your finances on the go and provides flexibility for remote teams or business owners who are constantly on the move.
    • Seamless Integration: Xero integrates seamlessly with various third-party applications, such as payment gateways, CRM systems, and inventory management tools. This integration capability enables you to connect your financial data with other essential business systems, streamlining your operations and eliminating the need for manual data entry.
    • Enhanced Data Security: Xero accounting software prioritizes data security, employing robust encryption measures and regular data backups. Your financial data is stored securely in the cloud, providing peace of mind knowing that your information is protected and can be easily restored if necessary.

    Experience the numerous benefits of Xero accounting software and revolutionize your financial management processes. With its user-friendly interface, real-time collaboration features, and seamless integrations, Xero empowers you to stay on top of your finances and make informed business decisions. Say goodbye to traditional accounting methods and embrace the efficiency and convenience of Xero accounting software.

    xero accounting software
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    Phil Burton

    Business Support Manager, Mining Plus

    Rod Wakefield completed a 6-month contractual assignment at Mining Plus and I would unreservedly recommend Rod. His commitment to the task is instant and he is completer in a team role. He’s not afraid to call the question when needed. He drives processes relentlessly and his passion is unquestionable. Rod oversaw our BambooHR implementation and completed two detailed Gap Analysis projects for the company. Rod will add value and add to this he can tell a great story to go with.

    Darryl Smith

    Director/CEO, Business Management Consulting

    I have employed Rod as a HR/Systems Manager during my time as WA State Manager for BilfingerBerger Australia and have since utilised his skills, through Envision, to implement tailored finance andoperational system solutions specific to several start-up companies I have been involved in.Rod has an overall excellent understanding of all business systems and processes, ensures he has a goodteam behind him and is committed to providing a quality service. He won’t let you down.

    Carl Leembruggen

    Operations Manager, Three Pound Group

    Deputy has enabled our business to intimately monitor our wage spend within our labour force through accurate scheduling vs sales forecast. Our ability to predict our sales projections week on week and assign a marker so that we consistently spend what is required has kept our bottom line healthy. At first, I was stubborn and didn’t want change – however, I now wish I changed much sooner!